Jessica Foo ~ The Person Behind Zen Flora

After spending decades in the corporate world, Jessica has decided to venture into something mindful and creative in her second home, The Netherlands, a country where the most beautiful and freshest flowers are available in abundance. During the last years, she was privileged to be trained a STOTT Pilates instructor in the USA and most recently, a Floral Designer by one of the most renowned Dutch Master Florists in The Netherlands. Combining her knowledge and experience teaching Pilates with Floral Design, Jessica has launched Zen Flora in Leiden, one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands, with the hope of bringing ZEN to people through Floral Therapy.

In addition to Floral Therapy, Zen Flora also works with local small business owners / crafters in promoting their craft work through the ZEN BOX. ZEN BOX is a beautifully designed gift box containing fresh flowers, and if you wish, add-in a craft from a local crafter of your choice. The objective of the ZEN BOX is to help support local small businesses. So buy a ZEN BOX today and help us support local small businesses!